Hear how Innate Organic Body has helped our beloved customers!


"I've used other products with Arnica in it.  They worked great, but I have found a better one now.  Thank you for introducing me to Innate Organic Body."  - T. Bennett from Bellingham, WA.


"I just wanted to let you know that the Innate Organic Muscle and Joint Balm has been helpful in easing my knee pain due to osteoarthritis - happy to have received this! - Nancy M.


"I am just loving the Innate Arnica+Tumeric Muscle and Joint Balm. I have had a sore knee for a few months now...massaging the balm into the joint sure made it feel a lot better. The scent is pleasant and strong enough to help clear sinuses as well. I highly recommend it."  - Dr. Maria Putney, Naturopathic Physician in Bellingham, WA.


"I have had a severe case of tennis elbow aka baking elbow for the last month and a half. A girlfriend sent me a jar of your ARNICA + TURMERIC Muscle and Joint Balm and it was the first relief I have had from pain in the last month and a half no matter what I have tried including prescribed meds from the doctor! This product is also helping with the whiplash due to an MVA I have recently incurred. "   - Deborah R. from Powell, Wyoming


"I have used the turmeric and arnica balm and I really like it. I will be ordering another one soon. It helps my osteoarthritis on my knees. I use it everyday." - Vivian M. from California